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ASTM F2508


The world of walkway safety and meaningful tribometry has been in a state of flux since the ASTM Standard Practices were withdrawn because they were based on proprietary devices.  Even though those standards were merely operating instructions for the devices, the adversaries of accurate measurement of slip resistance took advantage of the void to represent that there was no approved, meaningful tribometer.  The ASTM Standard Practices were not approvals or endorsements of the devices, anyhow.  Also in that void, agencies and methodologies, which would not have flourished in the light of meaningful science, have been allowed to survive.

The ASTM F2508-13 Standard Practice for Validation and Calibration of Walkway Tribometers Using Reference Surfaces was approved March 15, 2011, and then immediately published.

EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, as the patent owner, manufacturer and sole authorized supplier of the English XL Variable Incidence/Articulated Strut Tribometer (both the base English XL VIT and the English XL VIT with Sequencer) performed all requisite testing that demonstrates full performance compliance of both models of the ENGLISH XL VIT with the requirements of F2508.

We have been Validating individual instruments since 2014, and representative reports are below:

English XL Base-Model Validation Report 1

English XL Base-Model Validation Report 2

English XL with Sequencer Validation Report 1

English XL with Sequencer Validation Report 2

F2508 Certification - English XL VIT on F2508 Reference Surface ILS Data

English XL ILS Jan 2015


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