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Rent the English XL VIT

English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer
Rental Contract

PDF Rental Contract

I agree that I am providing a $4,250.00 cash deposit (or current credit card number to be held in lieu of deposit) for the rental of the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer. The balance of the deposit will be returned by check mailed after completion of the rental.

Charges will be drawn from the deposit as follows:
• $500.00 minimum rental fee
• Plus $50.00 per day after the first seven days from the date of verified
receipt by the renter through to verified drop off return ship to
• Plus shipping
o Billed at rate.  For expedited or overnight shipping within the U.S., call to schedule
• Plus the cost of parts and repairs necessitated by abuse by the renter of
the slipmeter

Signature of Renter X___________________________________

To rent using a check, please complete the form below and submit with
payment to:

STE 17, PMB 254

To rent using a credit card by telephone, please complete the form below and
fax to 888-804-3727, then call 757-897-2853 to execute payment.  We cannot accept American Express for English XL VIT Rentals.

Ship my rental English XL VIT to the following address on the dates indicated:
Delivery Date Requested _____________________
Company Name ______________________________________________
Your Name ______________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________
City _____________________ State _____ ZIP _________ Country _________
Phone Number _____- _____ - __________
E-mail ______________________________________________


Safety at the Location of Use:  Proper use of the English XL VIT, following the current User Guide, does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, that may be associated with the use of the device in any particular environment or conditions at the location of its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this device to establish, prior to use, appropriate safety and health practices for use of the device, particularly but not limited to, giving appropriate consideration of the environment or conditions at the location of its use.


Hold Harmless: Renter shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Excel Tribometers, LLC, its officers, officials, employees and volunteers, from any and all actual or alleged claims, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and/or injury/death (to property or persons, including without limitation), whether brought by an individual or other entity, or imposed by a court of law or by administrative action to any federal, state, or local government body or agency, arising out of or incident to any acts, omissions,, negligence or willful misconduct of Renter. This indemnification applies to and includes, without limitation, the payment of all penalties, fines, judgments, awards, decrees, attorney fees, and related costs or expenses, and any reimbursements to Excel Tribometers, LLC for all legal expenses and cost incurred.


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