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From Martin Ridley, Royal Sunalliance Insurance Company, Overland Park, KS,, wrote to say

Thanks for your continued support and updates on the English XL. We continue to use it and find it to be an excellent tool that provides our customers with an objective and definitive evaluation of the slip resistance of their walking and working services.


From Gary M. Bakken, PhD, CPE, Analytica Systems International, Inc. 1955 West Grant Road, Suite 220 Tucson, AZ 85745 Voice 520-882-5494 FAX 520-882-2067,

I've been doing 'slip and fall' testing for over 16 years. When I first started I was appalled at the methodologies being used. I knew there was a way to get more science into the field. Hence, I started with the Mark I and subsequently the Mark II. I now have an English XL what an advancement! Thank you for taking the time to put in the extra effort. I for one appreciate it.


From Charles Turnbow, J.D., P.E., 21812 Highway 18, Suite Apple Valley, California 92307, Voice 760-247-1050, FAX 760-247-1746,

William English, P.E. developed a device that provides a high-precision means of measuring both the coefficient of friction on dry surfaces and the slip resistance of wet ones. The English XL is a light-weight instrument that challenges all of the previous methods of testing. Adopted as ASTM Standard Test Method F-1697-96, the instrument has proven to be very accurate in field and laboratory testing. I have personally compared field test data obtained by the English XL, the Horizontal Pull Slipmeter (ASTM F-609), the Sigler device, and the Horizontal Dynamometer Pull-Meter Method (ASTM C-1028). The English device was both more accurate and precise than any of the other methods. While I will continue to monitor the comparative field testing of the various methods for at least another year, the English XL instrument has become my method of choice for critical testing.


From Bill Montante, Vice President of Marsh, Inc., wrote on March 27, 1998 to report that his firm is no longer M&M Protection Consultants, but their VIT survived the merger of J&H and M&M just fine. He says

I want to add our new name to the growing list of satisfied English XL users. Our XL puts on so many air miles bouncing back and forth across the US and Canada, I wish I could get a frequent flier card for it! I consider the XL to be the consultant’s ‘dream machine’ because of its ease of use, lightweight portability, reliability and reasonable price. It’s almost time we purchase another. [They have since purchased another.]



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