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English XL User Guide

English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer

XL User Guide


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If your English XL VIT is in sound condition, if the slip meter instrument is current with its annual calibration, if the test foot is properly calibrated, and if you use your slipmeter according to the English XL VIT User Guide, then you will be assured of accurate and reliable testing results with the English XL VIT.

We are certain that if proper test foot preparation and operating techniques are followed, the English XL VIT will continue to demonstrate its validity as the superior portable tribometer for measuring slip resistance representative of human ambulation.

Assuring operator consistency is a must. The User Guide is an added tool to assure we are all using the English XL VIT consistently and exactly the same way. The CXLT Certification Program has also been expanded to assure you are well trained in proper operating technique.  Even if you are an experienced user of the English XL VIT, we suggest a thorough review of the current English XL VIT User Guide.


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