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CXLT Testimonials

Certified XL Tribometrist Program Testimonials

The current program is constantly being improved to maximize the value for your investment, with expanded sciences and extensive hands-on instruction with the instrument.  First time CXLT program participants, very experienced XL users who wanted a refresher, as well as CXLT’s who chose to retake the course and the test to maintain their current status have all touted the program.


  • “Even though I had been to a previous version of the course, I thought the course was quite valuable — there was much new material and a great discussion of the current standards."... "I thought the program was well done and the material updated (and revised) sufficiently that it was worth attending the course again. It was apparent that a lot of work has been done to improve the course, to improve the ease of use of the XL VIT, and to support its use in industry. Well done.” - I.S. (Current CXLT)


  • “The case studies presented provided insights into how to address other factors that may affect required slip resistance.” - J.H. (Current CXLT)


  • “The hands-on part was very good – it is good to get feedback on my technique from those that have so much experience with the equipment.” - R.M. (Current CXLT)


  • “Superb.  Your outfit is very professional and committed to the science and working with the users.”…  “you are real engineers that I can relate to.” - S.P.  (Current CXLT)


  • “… this program focused on the most important points rather than spending a whole day on flooring materials identification, etc. as other courses do.  The program seemed very well-organized and well-run.” - B.R. (New CXLT)


  • “Good value and good balance of information for those who are new vs. those who have been doing this for a while.” - A.F. (New CXLT)


  • “It fully met my expectations. I've been in other topics seminars, but this one is my favorite by far.” - O.A. (New CXLT)


  • "I would rate the CXLT Program a solid “A” for content and practicality.”…  “The single most important message I took away from the program is that simply learning how to operate the English XL VIT is not enough. One must also learn the quite a lot about walkway safety..." - T.T. (New CXLT)


  • "The program exceeded my expectations because it provided me with more information than just the XL itself. It was informative from an industry standpoint." - A.G. (New CXLT)


  • "I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting both of you in person.  Your professionalism and outgoing manner of instruction really made the material enjoyable and the class pass by in no time."... "I’d also like to continue to commend you both for really taking the XL and not only “branding” it properly, but really bringing a professional attitude to all of your businesses’ aspects, from the training to the web site.  As my colleague said to me at the seminar, it really makes us feel like there’s someone behind the product who is keeping on top of the details with regard to proving what so many people already know – that the XL is the leading slipmeter out there, and the one that is providing the most applicable results to real world tribometry." - E.D. (Current CXLT)



Of course, we encourage anyone who owns an XL VIT who has never taken the program to please do so in order to ensure your compliance with both the understanding of the science and principles of walkway safety and slip resistance metering, as well as proper and accurate use of the XL VIT.  Please consider the importance of your participation.


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