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XL VIT Instrument Calibration

English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer

Instrument Calibration

Calibrate, Repair, and Refurbish
  • Your English XL VITshould be serviced annually.
  • More heavily-used machines require more frequent service.
  • Do not attempt to service the tribometer yourself.
  • If your pressure gauge is out of calibration, your tribometer will produce biased results.
  • When the actuating cylinder lubrication and seals are not maintained properly, the machine will produce biased results.
  • The most common error arises from contamination of the test foot. If your machine does not calibrate properly on your test tile after washing and sanding the test foot, return the tribometer with the test foot for calibration.


English XL VIT Service Request Form - Fill out and include in your shipment

When you send your English XL VIT for calibration to EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, at the address below, the tribometer is inspected, serviced, restored to like-new operating condition, externally calibrated, and the accuracy is verified on a certified calibration tile. Normally, service turnaround is five business days. On occasion, we may be out of the office for a few days. If you have a time constraint on the service turnaround, please call ahead.

Service Pricing
The price for calibration from all locations is $345.00.
Slipmeters are serviced as first come, first served. For immediate service (typically 1-day turnaround), add $50.00. Please call for availability
Shipping charges will be added to the invoice - please call for a quote if required (we can also use your shipper account, if desired).

Tribometers that have not been calibrated, repaired, or overhauled annually are subject to charges for significant parts that failed for lack of service or were damaged.


If you have done business with EXCEL TRIBOMETERS LLC before, you will be invoiced with NET 30 terms.  New customers must pay by check included with the tribometer, or credit card charged at the time of service. If you need an invoice to provide payment at the time of service, please call or email EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC and we will forward an invoice before the service is performed. Tribometers will be return shipped after full payment for all services and fees.

Modifying or altering your English XL VIT in any way will void your warranty as well as the listed charges for calibration, repair, and refurbishment. The consequences of unauthorized service or modification of your English XL VIT will generally be catastrophic and result in a restoration charge of at least $600.00. Your tribometer will not be returned until all charges are paid.

Shipping your English XL VIT

English XL Pack and Ship Guide
If you saved the box your unit was shipped in, you can reuse the box to return your tribometer for service.   Otherwise, use an empty copy paper case with packing.  Do not ship the tribometer unless it is in its carrying case.  Remove all books, parts and accessories from the carrying case pockets.  Put the slipmeter in the soft case, with the mast set to 0.05 slip resistance.  Fill the space in the soft case over the regulator with bubble wrap or ‘air bags’ to keep the meter seated at the bottom of the case.  Then snap the case closed, and put it in a box with enough packing that it will not move when shaken.  Tape securely, and send it to us.

Make sure your test foot is shipped with your machine. If there is no test foot with your machine, a replacement test foot will be used for calibration, returned with your tribometer, and you will be charged an additional $75 that must be received before your tribometer is returned.

Label the outside of your shipping container Fragile. This is very important to ensure kind treatment.

Ship to:

STE 17, PMB 254

Certified Test Foot Calibration Tile
EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC purchases tiles from the Tile Council of North America and performs slip resistance testing with two English XL VITs to determine the 'Certified' slip resistance reading that particular tile should measure with a properly prepared test foot. We offer these tiles for sale for $80.00 plus shipping.


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