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CXLT Program

Certified XL Tribometrist

Certification Program

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The CXLT Certification Program is well-established and widely accepted.  The program has successfully educated, trained, and certified hundreds of persons dedicated to advancing the state of the art and knowledge of walkway safety, slip resistance metering as related to walkway safety, safety engineering, risk management, loss control, building and facilities design and construction, building ownership, building maintenance, walking surface materials performance and quality control, walkway surface coatings performance and quality control, footwear bottom materials and tread patterns performance and quality control, biomechanics, kinesiology, and other scientific interests.

If your interest is in any of these fields, this course will be of significant benefit to you.


A principle element of the CXLT Certification Program is to promote a high level of competence and thus a high level of confidence in the results of testing performed using the English XL VIT by certified users.  The program also confers respected recognition for its certified individuals in the field of walkway safety, and particularly in slip resistance measurement.

Successful completion of this course permits the CXLT to be recognized as a qualified and knowledgeable user of this test instrument.  The requirements of this program are intended to promote a high level of knowledge in slip resistance measurement and enhancement, and to establish a minimum acceptable level of proficiency and skill in the application and use of the XL VIT.

To achieve the CXLT certification, the candidate must have access to an English XLVariable Incidence Tribometer, successfully pass the written examination, and exhibit competence by practical demonstration of proper operational technique with the XL VIT.



The CXLT program supports professional growth and development in one of the most important areas of workplace and public safety.  It increases performance credibility for the user by increasing his or her knowledge and skill in slip resistance measurement and particularly use of the English XL VIT.



The EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC CXLT Certification Program delivers a thorough curriculum that builds a strong foundation in the scientific, technological and mechanical aspects of human ambulation, walkway and footwear safety, the development of tribometers, the available slipmeters, the effects of reasonably foreseeable variables on the performance of slipmeters, and extensive hands-on instruction and demonstration in the proper use of the XL Variable Incidence Tribometer.  When you leave, you will be a knowledgeable and proficient Certified XL Tribometrist.


The course follows the outline on the EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, website, and is completed in one day, starting at 8:00 a.m. The program is a mix of informative presentations and exhibits, as well as numerous sessions of practical instruction with your XL VIT.  The program includes a short-answer examination and a personal demonstration of practical proficiency with the XL VIT to confirm that each participant has achieved expert levels of knowledge and proficiency.  The program is scheduled to conclude by 5 pm.

Those who would like to be more prepared for the course are encouraged to review the book, Pedestrian Slip Resistance (Second Edition) that came with your XL slipmeter, since many of the historic and developmental concepts are contained in the book.  Also, practice with an XL VIT according to the current User Guide prior to coming to the program will provide great benefit and enhance your experience.



The CXLT designation will be confirmed with a certificate suitable for framing, and the program graduate will then be permitted to represent themselves as a Certified XL Tribometrist, where appropriate.  You will then be listed in the CXLT Directory which is a ready reference frequently used by entities looking for professional services related to slip resistance measurement.



The EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, CXLT Program, encourages all CXLT’s to maintain an open forum for exchange of science, technology and shared experience.  Many CXLT’s have attended more than one of the Certification Programs to renew and refresh their contacts, knowledge and techniques.  The majority of CXLT’s who have attended the program more than once said that they gained more from the program the second time.


We also provide on-site CXLT Programs for as many candidates as your facility can accommodate.  If you are one of the many organizations that have a large staff who are interested in tribometry and walkway safety, we will come to you.


The primary reference for this course is the text Pedestrian Slip Resistance, Second Edition, by William English, CSP, PE (CA).  This book is included with the purchase of the English XL VIT.  Additional books may be purchased through EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC.

Candidates are strongly advised to bring the textbook with their English XL VIT and calibration tile to the program site.  CO2 cartridges will be provided on-site by EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC.


By signing the sign-in sheet, each candidate certifies that he or she is the person whose name appears there and on the examination submitted.


The results of the written and practical application examinations will be graded on a pass/fail basis.  All examination results will be kept confidential.  To protect the integrity of the program, no test papers will be released in any form.


Each successful candidate will receive a serial-numbered Certificate suitable for framing.  The names of CXLT graduates will be entered into the CXLT Directory and Registry, maintained by EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC.


The CXLT Certificate is awarded to individuals, not to companies, and should only be used in reference to certified individuals.

Those having obtained certification are authorized by EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, to use the acronym CXLT (Certified XL Tribometrist) where appropriate.  The designation is intended as an opportunity for the holder to readily display this credential as evidence of competence, and as a designation that will serve to enhance the standing of certified users.  The CXLT designation can be used on business cards, resumes, and similar representations.


Due to the continuing evolution of the field of slip resistance measurement, certificate holders must be renewed every three years to keep current on technical developments and status of related standards.  Requirements for renewal are based on a point system and include credits for the following activities that meet the criteria set by EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC:

  • Continual work experience
  • Technical committee and professional society membership
  • Published articles
  • Attendance at related conferences
  • Continuing Education
  • Obtaining related professional degrees, certification and registration
  • Participating in workshops, round robins and related professional activities
  • Other noteworthy activities related to the field


Go to the EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC home page for maintenance and renewal information and form.

A renewal wallet card will be issued upon successful application for renewal.  Failure to renew in a timely manner will result in revocation of certification, removal of the individual from the CXLT Directory and Registry, and a request to return the Certificate to EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC.

If your certification lapses for failure to renew or for failure to meet renewal criteria, you may be recertified by retaking the course.


This code sets forth herein standards of ethics and conduct that are to be observed by those holding CXLT certificates conferred by EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC:

  • Be honest, fair and impartial, acting with responsibility and integrity, with balanced care for the interests of all involved.
  • Issue public statements objectively and truthfully, and only when based on knowledge of the facts and with competence in the subject matter.
  • Avoid deceptive acts that falsify or misrepresent academic or professional qualifications.
  • Conduct relations by the highest standards of integrity and avoid compromise of their judgment by conflicts of interest.



The CXLT Certification may be used only for the period for which it is authorized.  Authority to do so lapses when required fees are not paid, renewal requirements are not met, or in cases of revocation arising from misrepresentation or fraud.  Examples of fraud include making statements that are in conflict with the principles covered by the written examination and use of the XL VIT in violation of the manufacturer’s current Users Guide.

Legal counsel may be employed by EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, to deal with individuals using the CXLT designation without authority to do so, or with those engaging in fraudulent testimony or operating technique.

Those who use the CXLT designation without proper authority may be barred from pursuing CXLT Certification.

EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, retains the right to reprimand a certificate holder, and/or suspend, refuse to renew, or revoke the certificate of any holder found to have obtained a certificate or renewal thereof through the use of fraud or deceit; or violated one or more of the provisions of the stated code of conduct.


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