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English XL VIT

English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer

The most respected slipmeter

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Slips and Falls Are a Big Deal
The number one preventable loss type in the workplace and public places is fall injury events.  The English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer (VIT) is the slipmeter designed by a safety engineer to be the ultimate tool to help you evaluate walking surfaces. You can also use it to monitor the quality of cleaning on hard floors.



The English XL VIT instrument mimics significant biomechanical parameters of the human walking gait.  The machine is used stationary at the test location and does not walk, but the angle and velocity of the leg operating mechanism, and the size and shape of the test foot, were developed to replicate the heel strike of a human walking; the machine has a functional ankle.  The leg of the English XL VIT is free to accelerate once a slip occurs, as with a real-world human slip event.  Testers that drag across the floor at a constant rate do not account for what happens when humans slip and fall.  Also, the phenomenon of “sticktion” produces misleading results when the walking surface is wet with any tester that has residence time before the slip dynamics are applied.  Testers that drag across a wet test surface generally experience a micro-time jumping motion that is a series of “sticktion-release-sticktion-release” cycles.  The dynamics of the English XL VIT specifically permit measurement of slip resistance in wet conditions because there is no residence time.

To view a video of the English XL VIT, click here.

Proven Precision
The English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer has an extensive history of being one of the most trusted, widely used and repeatedly proven slipmeters in the world.

Portable, Compact and Lightweight
The English XL VIT slipmeter is lighter than most laptop computers (3.85 pounds) and is transported in a compact custom carrying case with a handle and shoulder strap. It can actually be stowed under the seat in front of you on an airplane.

Versatile, Simple and Easy to Use
The English XL VIT slipmeter is the easiest-to-use of all meaningful tribometers.  You will be amazed at the speed of testing when compared to any other similar slip meter.  It is direct reading.  No calculations are required to interpret results.  A User Guide is provided with thorough step-by-step instructions.  It can be used on wet or oily surfaces with realistic results.  Being independent of gravity, it is the only slipmeter you can use on ramps without recalibration.  It is the only slipmeter that can take traction readings on stair tread nosings parallel to the direction of pedestrian travel.  It is completely self-contained. No power cords or batteries to charge.

Operation of the XL VIT is simple.  There are no motors, springs, electrical or electronic components that can age, fail or otherwise affect your test results.  The condition of the test foot is the only significant variable in the accuracy and reliability of testing results with the English XL VIT, if your machine is in sound condition and in calibration, and if you use your slipmeter according to the English XL VIT User Guide.    

Quality Construction

The English XL VIT is made of computer numerical precision manufactured aluminum structure and quality pneumatic components assembled carefully by us, here in South Carolina, USA.  All instruments are fully tested and calibrated before shipment and 100% unconditionally guaranteed for one full year.

Competency Certification
The CXLT certification program has the great benefit of clearly establishing competency in operation of the English XL VIT.  No matter which slip meter you use, everyone using it must be preparing the test foot and operating the machine the same, or the results will not be as reliable as they could.  Only EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC, provides such a program.  The CXLT curriculum focuses on establishing a strong foundation in the scientific and mechanical aspects of the available slipmeters, the effects of reasonably foreseeable variables on the performance of slipmeters, and is interspersed with extensive hands-on instruction and demonstration in the proper use of the XL Variable Incidence Tribometer.  When you leave, you will be a knowledgeable and proficient Certified XL Tribometrist.

Efficient On-going Support for Calibration, Repairs and Refurbishing
The English XL VIT is a scientific instrument and requires regular refurbishing, as with any similar credible metering device.  If you maintain your tribometer by sending it for service at the proper intervals, we will repair anything within 6 months following service, for shipping costs only, unless there is clear evidence of physical abuse or extraordinarily extensive use.  Some machines are shared by many and used constantly.  Those slipmeters need servicing more often.

The English XL VIT has been the subject of extensive evaluation by independent safety professionals, scientists, laboratories and users.  The English XL VIT is engineered to be capable of measuring the slipperiness of any floor surface, even when wet with water or contaminated with other lubricants. Because the research shows no other type of slip resistance measurement device comes close to the XL VIT’s validity on wet or otherwise lubricated surfaces, the English XL VIT has become the choice of experts.

Wide Acceptance
The English XL VIT has found wide acceptance among a broad range of users, including insurance companies, floor treatment contractors, consultants, universities, major corporations, and governments, including the military. It has become the market leader because of its unique combination of portability, ease of use and unsurpassed validity, not to mention acceptability in courts of law. See a list of English XL slipmeter users or read what satisfied users have said.

Established History of Acceptance in Courts
The English XL VIT has a proven track record in the courts of the United States.

Best Value:  Highest Quality for the Price
Compare the English XL VIT with other testers for true quality and performance and you will see for yourself.

Here's What You Get
The English XL VIT comes with everything you need to measure slip resistance: a deluxe soft-sides carrying case, stair fixture, four blank feet, a complete field slip resistance testing kit (sanding block, dust brush, water bottle) and thorough documentation (including the current User Guide and a copy of the current edition of Pedestrian Slip Resistance: How to Measure It and How to Improve It. at no extra charge). You will quickly learn how to use your XL competently by following the instructions.

Standards Applicable to the English XL VIT
There are ANSI/ASTM/NFPA standards now in effect for using the English XLVariable Incidence Tribometer. Applicable standards currently in print and available include:

  • ASTM   F1679-04   Test Method for using a Variable Incidence Tribometer (English XL VIT)
  • ASTM   F2508        Standard Practice for Validation, Calibration, and Certification of Walkway Tribometers Using Reference Surfaces (Validation and Certification)
  • NFPA   1901           Standard for Automotive Apparatus, 13-7.3
  • ANSI    A1264.2     Provision of slip Resistance in the Workplace

The English XL VIT is also acceptable for determining compliance with ADAAG for slip resistance on walking surfaces.

For significantly less than the cost of other testers that do not have the English XL’s features and convenience, you can have the ultimate slip/fall safety engineering instrument.

Easy to Buy!
English XL slipmeters are in stock for immediate shipment. Click here for complete information on price and how to order your English XL VIT.

The English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer comes with a 100% unconditional one-year warranty!

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